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Website Photography

As part of the MSc in Digital Marketing that I am currently studying the team has been tasked with launching a Digital PR campaign. In order to do this successfully we decided to make some major changes to our student run and student created website The Digital Scot.

Part of the process was shooting a series of videos (the first one of which is now live!) and also refreshing many of the images that were present on site. I was happy to get involved with some filming for a change under the guidance of my friend Simon Bell, who gave me some great tips!. In terms of the photographs, needles to say I was the first to volunteer and quickly got to work with my Canon 7D II.

I was tasked with taking our class pictures and also some additional background images for a press release package and also general use. It's always fun shooting pictures but on this occasion I had the added pressure of essentially working for a client though I was obviously not paid.

I think I did alright! What do you think?


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