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Patmos island Greece - time to relax

Patmos is such a unique and special place for my wife and I. It is where our relationship began, we got married and have already spend many hot Greek summers at. No matter how many times I come here, I always feel compelled to drag along my camera gear because the atmosphere is always different and surprises me.

This summer I got up early for some sunrise photography and I didn't regret it! The images above were taken from Chora which is the upper settlement of the island and offers spectacular views. I always cherished the moment the sun comes up and lights up the old, old town - the place slowly but steadily creeps into life as the first islanders can be seen on their scooters heading to open up shops and begin their days work. The warm tones of the sun, give the settlement a precious glow that brings to mind warmth and hope for the new day ahead.

If you would like to see more of Patmos, please check out the albums section of my website and scroll down to the second set. You never know, you just may feel compelled to visit Patmos and end up coming back year after year, just like we do.


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