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Meteora Greece - UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Meteora complex of monasteries is one of the most impressive, picturesque and largest complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries in the land of Greece, second only to Mount Athos (perhaps). Not into monasteries I hear you say? Whether you’re a fan or not, you cannot ignore the amazing views the location offers; these are quite simply breath-taking and inspiring.

The thing I find the most difficult to explain is the sheer size of the commanding mountain formations that unfold in front of your eyes when you arrive; and you will certainly know you’re there when you get there. I look at the photographs I took and they just don’t do this incredible place any justice; I tried, (I actually really did!) to capture the atmosphere but I have simply fallen short – perhaps I’m just bad at this or this place is something you need to experience first hand to really appreciate its soul and being.

The rock formations look (in many cases) alien; they just don’t look like anything you’ve seen before and you catch yourself trying to imagine how they violently erupted from beneath the earth shooting up to the skies in a molten fury – or, maybe that’s just me? I’m going to say it again – you need to go there to really soak in what it’s all about and let your imagination run wild.

Some interesting facts can be found on the UNESCO website as the region has been deemed to be a World Heritage Site due to it’s natural beauty and beautiful post-Byzantine paintings. In the event you didn’t know, the word Meteora actually means “hovering in the air”; this is in reference to the monasteries which are built on the incredibly steep and almost impossible to reach rocks and cliffs.

Monks settled in the are in the 11th Century and since then there have been 24 monasteries built, signifying the amazing spirit human beings can demonstrate when they put their minds to something. To find out more about the region you can take a peak at the Greece Travel page, or Meteora-Greece which will help you with history and the individual stories behind the monasteries and the formation of the impressive rocks that are present and dominate the region.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and thanks for having a read through.


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