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iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Camera Features

Well, when the Apple event began today, I was mainly focused on what improvements the tech giant has been able to squeeze into the camera department (OK, and the Apple watch!) and I can tell you I've never been this excited with what is soon to be on offer!

The iPhone, as anticipated by most, will be available in 2 different sizes (just like its predecessor) and each of these models will be slightly different in terms of the picture taking capabilities (which is what I will be talking to you about). So let's take a look at the camera features of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus respectively.


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Starting with the iPhone 7:

It looks sleek in black, but what does the new camera bring for users in terms of features?

1. It's waterproof to save you from accidents; (but I'm not saying you should go scuba diving with it without the appropriate enclosure!)

2. It has an Optical Image Stabilizer with up to 3x longer exposure rates (optical image stabilization was previously only available in the Plus iPhone's). This means your pictures will now have a much lower chance of looking blurry or shaky. Woohoo!

3. Comes with a larger f/1.8 aperture lens (allowing 50% more light! onto the sensor). More light onto the sensor means better lit pictures and off course much better performance in low light environments!

4. A new 6 element lens for sharper, crystal clear images

5. New, high speed sensor - 60% faster & 30% more efficient (you can now take pictures quicker than ever before and use even less power doing so)

6. Quad-LED True Tone flash - Produces 50% more light and also contains a flicker sensor which compensates for flickering of artificial lighting - nice touch!

7. A newly Apple designed image signal processor (capable of 100 billion (!) operations every time you take a picture in the insane timing of 25 milliseconds!)

To illustrate the above amazing new features of the iPhone 7 camera, Apple shared some samples with the audience:

You might be thinking the improvements on the new iPhone 7 camera are pretty amazing but there is actually more!

Live photos have been tweaked and will also be shareable on Instagram! (did I get that right?!) and developers will be able to capture RAW images, (that stand up to post-processing much better) through the use of an API. Oh, not to mention the front facing FaceTime HD camera is now 7MP and even better suited for some cheeky selfies ;)

Moving on....


And now a look at the iPhone 7 Plus:

The features of the iPhone 7 Plus camera are in addition to the features stated above for the iPhone 7;

1. Two 12MP Cameras! - One is wide angled and the other is a telephoto lens

2. Optical Zoom (2x) Feature & enhanced (10x) Digital zoom feature - don't be afraid to bring things closer; they will look great, especially with the optical zoom which is an amazing addition!!!

3. Incredible, shallow depth of field (samples below)- usually achievable with a high end camera and lens! This is a PORTRAIT mode using the 56mm lens and the results are fantastic! They are off course a mixture of hardware and software working together but still look incredible! Click on them for full size viewing!

So, I guess that brings us to the end of listing the camera features of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. For further info please refer to There have been some major changes and improvements that will certainly lead to better pictures, but don't forget that the pictures you take are going to be as good as how you perceive the world as a photographer. Don't be afraid to experiment with lighting, composition and angles among other things. The more you practice the better you'll become and you won't be wasting any film by using an iPhone. You have nothing to lose!

Before you take off don't forget to check out 25 amazing iPhone photos and 8 sweet Panoramas!

Thanks for reading,


* Please note all images have been screen-grabbed from Apple live streaming of the event and are not my property, nor do they reflect the true quality of images possible with the iPhone 7 models.

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