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A walk amongst ancient ruins

Being Greek I often overlook the amazing ancient ruins that decorate Athens. This is not because I disregard them, but rather because I have been to see them during my school years on trips and in some ways ticked them of my list of places to visit. It's quite ironic that people come from all over the world to admire the Athens Acropolis but I haven’t taken the chance to visit this historical and special spot as an adult.

Fortunately, this past year I managed to visit Athens during Easter time, (arguably the biggest of Greek holidays and a unique time to visit the country) and since my brothers’ girlfriend is foreign, we decided to treat her to a walk amongst the historical ruins.

It was mid-April and the sun was shinning bright, the temperature was just perfect for a walk and so I got to work with my camera. There are so many pictures of these historic ruins but I made every effort possible to shoot them how I felt they should be seen. I really enjoyed some time with my family and was able to do something I am passionate about at the place that is truly home. It was a good day! :)


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