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25 amazing iPhone photos

Nearly everyone today carries around a mobile phone that can take pretty good pictures and in that sense we are all photographers. Our phone cameras are getting better and better and I just love using my iPhone when I see something that catches my eye. Let's face it, we can't always carry around a DSLR camera, but when your phone can produce such amazing results, who needs to?

The National Museum of Scotland

I got the idea to post 25 of my favourite iPhone pics when I was going through my backups and some really jumped out. Somehow, scrolling through your phone pictures, really takes you back; it reminds you of places, experiences and things you may have long forgotten or pushed to the back of your memory.

One such memory for me is that night I was watching TV and decided to point the lens straight down the neck of a soda water bottle! I know, I know...I lead an exciting life but the result is pretty cool, right? There are so many times that I wished I had my Canon DSLR on me, but I somehow manage to still pull off a memorable or exciting shot by just using my iPhone.

The only disadvantage is that you can't really make quality prints of these pics, but they are still pretty funky if reproduced in small sizes and then all added together in collage style for example. As with most things in life, the only limit is your imagination. They also look extremely hip when framed and can provide an alternative to going out and buying pictures to decorate your home with. Your pics are...well yours (!) and therefore unique; not mass produced and will ultimately say something about you as a person, what you like and how you literally perceive every day life!

The above image has a random story behind it. We were on a Greek island for a friends wedding and whilst driving to a beach, I saw this spray painted on a bus stop shelter. It's obviously from a stencil but it sends a pretty clear and strong message. I got out the car and the rest is history...

This image was taken during the Turing Festival at Edinburgh. I glimpsed up at the roof and noticed it was interestingly lit up. I though to myself...iPhone pic moment and there you have it. This has hardly been processed at all.

Room with a view

The final photo was taken last summer. It's the view from our bedroom when we visit Patmos island in Greece. I just love waking up and looking out to the terrace, (which is always sunny) and catching a glimpse of the sea, way in the background. For me it's a slice of heaven that I can peak at through my phone when I'm not there.

Well, this concludes our journey. I hope you enjoyed my pics. The humble iPhone (and other phones off-course) can deliver great results an offer anyone the opportunity to take fantastic photos. Don't be afraid to be creative and just look for something that is eye catching and memorable. If you have any great mobile photos you'd like to share, give me a shout or post on my Facebook page! I'd love to hear from you.


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