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About iangelo photography

I'm the type of person who's always looking for something to focus my attention on. Being behind a camera puts me at total ease and I can truly be myself. I feel that each and every press of the shutter releases some of my creativity & flare for framing the world just the way I see it. I genuinely love taking pictures and I've been exploring the word of photography since 2006. I got my first DSLR camera in 2012 and have been completely hooked ever since.

My only regret is not always having time to go out and shoot; when I do, I mainly shoot landscape or architecture, but I'm also guilty of taking a picture of pretty much anything that catches my eye and attention.

I hope you find my shots inspiring...


Sample Albums

A tiny, tranquil island in the Aegean Sea, part of the Dodecanese. Patmos is known as the island of the revelation as that is where Saint John was exiled by the Romans and wrote his book of the Bible. It has beautiful beaches and a unique aura; it draws you in because it's peaceful and wonderfully scenic. No matter how many times I visit, it always speaks to me. One of its most charming aspects is the settlement of Chora which is considered a Unesco world heritage site.

One of the smallest islands of the Cyclades. Visitors can enjoy stunning, classical architecture and breathtaking views where ones gaze can travel for miles between the land and Greek sea. Ermoupoli the capital, is a beautiful town laid with marble paved streets, charming squares, churches and old mansion houses. It timelessly combines a unique architectural style influenced by neo-Classicism and the Venetian era fused with a mixture of Western features.

Edinburgh is a gem of city that is just begging to be experienced. With tiny streets and markets waiting to be discovered, you will never grow bored or tired of walking around and exploring. The Georgian Newtown is lavish, historical and charming, bringing it a unique character and aura. Enjoy quality food in many of the cities hot-spots and hit the cocktail bars for some more fun! Edinburgh truly caters for all types of visitors. You will not be disappointed.

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